Project Description



Our high-quality coal is primarily used for burning in steam boilers in industrial and commercial applications.


The coal is sourced from the highest quality mines in Indonesia, which are known for their rich coal deposits and high-quality raw materials. We ensure to buy only from renowned importers in India, to ensure no mixing or quality compromises.

We have coal in a range of different calorific values, which refers to the amount of heat energy that is released when the coal is burned. This allows us to offer products that are suitable for different types of steam boilers and industrial applications. Each coal quality has a difference in the ash content, moisture content, and the calorific value.

Consistent Gross as Received Calorific Value (GAR)

Low Ash Content

Imported Coal


Qualities GAR (Kcal/Kg) Ash Moisture
Low 3600 <5% ~30-35%
Medium 4200 <4% ~25-30%
Medium-High 4500 <3% ~20-25%
High 5000 <2% ~15-20%

*a variation of +/- 5% can occur in GAR, Moisture and Ash